National Hemp Industry Research Needs

Online Workshop November 15

Hemp Industry Research Needs

OSU Global Hemp Innovation Center

National Hemp Industry Research Needs

A virtual Hemp Research Needs workshop was held on November 15, 2022.

This industry-focused virtual workshop helped to identify the science, research, and valuable products that the hemp industry needs to solve any challenges and accelerate the establishment of hemp as a modern United States (U.S.) commodity. The workshop focused on all aspects of hemp value chains from production to product manufacturing and for grain, fiber, and chemical market classes of hemp.

The workshop brought together leading industry and government experts to help determine what the research approaches are, and effective private-public partnerships required to establish a sustainable hemp industry that competes in a world market. The workshop’s design included knowledge of systems science and transformational change in fields outside of agriculture including the social and policy sciences, diversity and inclusion, and laws and regulations.


As part of the workshop, these videos were pre-recorded by experts addressing the following topics and are still available to view:

  1. Genetics and Plant Breeding
  2. Sustainable Agricultural Production
  3. Harvest and Materials Processing
  4. Products Manufacturing and Supply Chains
  5. Economics and Markets
  6. Regulations, Exports, and Trade
  7. Testing and Compliance

Thank you to the presenters and participants for your insightful input.

Any additional comments or input can be provided to Paul Zankowski directly at [email protected].

We will be preparing a summary of the workshop in the form of a Hemp Research Needs Roadmap that will summarize the recommendations from the workshop and plan to have it published on this website in March 2023.

Please look to this website for more information about the workshop.