National Hemp Industry Research Needs


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Genetics and Plant Breeding

Seth Crawford
Oregon CBD

Wendy Mosher 
New West Genetics

Daniela Vergara
Cornell University

Daniela Vergara (en Español)
Cornell University

Sustainable Agricultural Production

Bob Pearce
University of Kentucky

Josh Schneider 

Ben Brimlow

Hunter Buffington 
Element 6 Dynamics

Harvest and Materials Processing

Alisia Ratliff 
Victus Consulting Ventures

Ben Raymond 
Victory Hemp Foods

Heather Grab 
Cornell University

Andrew Bish
Bish Enterprises

Products Manufacturing and Supply Chains

Gregg Baumbaugh 
FlexForm Technologies

Mattie Mead 

Economics and Markets

Eric Steenstra 
Vote Hemp

Beau Whitney​ 
Whitney Economics

Tyler Mark 
University of Kentucky

Regulations, Exports, and Trade

Bill Richmond 
USDA-Agricultural Marketing Service

Corey Pickelsimer​ 
USDA-Foreign Agricultural Service

Patrick Atagi 
National Industrial Hemp Council of America

Testing and Compliance

Chris Delhom 
USDA-Agricultural Research Service

Mark Berhow ​ 
USDA-Agricultural Research Service